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Valentine’s Day Around the World »

Hello Friends! Valentine’s Day has come and gone…. and in this issue our contributors share what celebrations of love look like in their country. In this issue, you will learn about Swedish Valentine’s candy and German pigs. You’ll get a peak at what it might be like to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the summer in […]

Valentine’s Day came second best this week! »

I really miss being home this week!! Yes, the British celebrate Valentine’s Day with almost as much enthusiasm as you do in the States. But this Valentine’s was pushed aside. Most of my friends back home were saying ‘Who cares about Valentine’s Day on the 14th?? It’s PANCAKE DAY on the 16th!!! Pancake Day! Yes. […]

Valentine’s Day in Thailand »

Although it is not a traditional Thai holiday, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the country anyway. Thai people, especially, teenagers and young adults buy enormous bouquets of flowers, often with huge teddy bears attached, girls buy their boyfriends flowers, and everybody buys friends and family chocolate and candy.Many couples will go to get marriage certificate […]

Alla hjärtans dag (Valentine’s Day) »

In Sweden, Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost exactly like it is here in the United States. The exception is that we don’t ask each other to be “My Valentine.” Valentine’s Day didn’t come to Sweden until the 1960’s, which was the beginning of the Americanization of the Swedish traditions. Something we usually do though is […]

Valentine’s day in Belgium »

Well, for once, I am a bit at loss for words and do not really know what to tell you guys about Valentine’s day in Belgium. Not that it does not exist, not that it is not big (it is actually really big back home), but rather that I can’t find any striking differences between […]

Lantern Festival— Valentine’s Day in China »

The Lantern Festival, marking the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations, falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month. It is usually in February or March on the Gregorian calendar. Popularly referred to as Chinese Valentine’s Day, couples celebrate the festivals with their loved ones on such a beautiful and romantic evening […]

Happy Valentine’s Day »

In Hong Kong, Valentine’s Day is a day to reinforce the love relationship with actions. Usually a guy wants to impress the girl who he loves or admires by sending her a bouquet of roses wrapped with colorful gift paper. The larger bouquet of roses you send to the lady, the more you love her.

Valentines Day in Germany »

The celebration of Valentine’s Day as we know it today with the card giving ritual and the little heart shaped gifts or chocolates, spread out from France and England to other countries such as Canada and USA. This celebration is quite recent in Germany. It is thought to have started only after the second World […]

Who’s the Most Popular on V-day in Japan? »

First I would like to thank whoever “Pisipisi” me to show their support for the Willamette World News. It reminds me that last year some people danced and sang “Chocolate Disco” to show their support toward V-day’s articles. What is “Chocolate Disco”? It is a cute song about interactions between girls and boys on Valentine’s […]

Amigo Secreto »

In many countries around the world Valentine’s day seems to be the perfect day to show all your love to family, friends, and couples. I personally believe it shouldn’t be that way; every day is a good day to demonstrate our love to them. However, this date is also an opportunity to be creative when […]

Valentine’s day and Vietnamese Lunar New year. »

Hello everyone, Greetings from Vietnam! The theme for this week is Valentine’s day, a day for lovers and couples. However in my country, this is not officially a holiday. The tradition has just been setting its footprint in young people’s mind recently, for about a decade. Still, Vietnamese couples welcome this day much like in […]

Día de los Enamorados »

Valentine’s Day in Chile is not much different from what you see in the United States. You still see teddy bears, flowers and chocolates. However, because of certain cultural differences, there are a few things that make Valentine’s Day unique in Chile. The main thing that is different is that Valentine’s Day is almost exclusively […]