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Día de los Enamorados

Valentine’s Day in Chile is not much different from what you see in the United States. You still see teddy bears, flowers and chocolates. However, because of certain cultural differences, there are a few things that make Valentine’s Day unique in Chile. The main thing that is different is that Valentine’s Day is almost exclusively for couples, meaning that if you are not involved in a romantic relationship of any kind, you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and you don’t get a Valentine’s Day card or anything of the sort.

For some reason in Chile there’s a sort of “Friendship Day” during the first week of October (I can never get the day right). Most people use that day to greet their friends and loved ones as well, but Valentine’s Day is reserved for the “enamorados” (those who are in love). For most people that day is not known as “Día de San Valentín” but “Día de los enamorados.”
Another thing that is quite different is the fact that Valentine’s Day happens to be in the middle of the summer. Maybe that is one of the reasons you will never see people who are not involved in a relationship celebrating Valentine’s Day, at least not like here in the United States, where kids at school exchange Valentines with their friends. (FYI: There is no school during the summer).
Since Valentine’s Day is a summer day, at least in the area where I am from, people tend to go out to the beach, take long walks, watch the sunset, enjoy the parks and recreational areas, and have some delicious ice cream. In general, it is a simple but enjoyable day.

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