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Happy Valentine’s Day

In Hong Kong, Valentine’s Day is a day to reinforce the love relationship with actions. Usually a guy wants to impress the girl who he loves or admires by sending her a bouquet of roses wrapped with colorful gift paper. The larger bouquet of roses you send to the lady, the more you love her.

But the phenomenal price for brunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day can soar more than 20%, so guys always have a dilemma: whether they should make their wallet weightless or show their unlimited love to their beloved.
Usually, guys will order a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day. This bouquet of roses is delivered by the flower shop to the working place of the ladies. Hence, the ladies can flaunt their huge brunch of flowers in front of colleagues so that it can incur jealousy among the gossip girls. If Valentine’s Day is on a holiday, people will send the flowers earlier. For instance, this year Valentine’s Day was on Sunday, so guys sent their bouquet of roses to their beloved’s workplace on Friday.
While some are addicted to arousing the others’ attention to their love stories, some still want to show their love privately, because they believe they merely want to share this happiness with their beloved. Hence, both of them or either of them will plan for a romantic dinner, perhaps at a reserved a table in an expensive western restaurant where they can enjoy a panoramic view. After the dinner they usually go for a walk at Tsim Sha Shui waterfront so that they can enjoy the sea view and have an in-depth chat.
For people who are single, it is quite depressing. Occasionally, gathering with friends will once again remind us that we are never alone. We share heart-shaped chocolate with friends as a way to express happiness and wish them have a sweet day. There are single parties particularly for people who are single and have no plan for that day. It is a fantastic opportunity for people to make friends. A bunch of people can get rid of loneliness and share a wonderful with the others.
However, this year, coincidentally, Valentine’s Day is exactly the same day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Hence, lovers again were in a dilemma: whether they should spend the whole day only with families or lovers. But Chinese people they usually take priority on family first, so some of them expressed their love to their lovers the day before.

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