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Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Although it is not a traditional Thai holiday, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the country anyway. Thai people, especially, teenagers and young adults buy enormous bouquets of flowers, often with huge teddy bears attached, girls buy their boyfriends flowers, and everybody buys friends and family chocolate and candy.Many couples will go to get marriage certificate at Bang-Rak district or district of Love, as they believe that an auspicious name will bring long-lasting love.

For this year, the time to celebrate the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are celebrated on the same day. You all might be curious about why Thai people celebrate Chinese New Year.The reason is that as trade between the two countries flourished, permanent settlements of peoples of various ethnic Chinese origin were soon established. While the early settlers quickly adapted to their new way of life and adopted Thai ways, they also continued to maintain strong cultural ties and practiced the customs and traditions diligently observed by their forefathers. Of these, the celebration of the Chinese New Year remains the most important of annual festivals on the Chinese lunar calendar observed in the various regions of Thailand.
On the same day of St.Valentine’s Day, dragon and lion dances parade along the streets to ward off bad luck and evil for the start of Chinese New Year. In Thailand, Chinese New Year is widely celebrated with integral activities being paying homage to ancestors and giving money or “Ang Pao” to the younger ones. While a variety of contemporary elements have been incorporated through the passage of time, Chinese New Year celebrations throughout Thailand are a reminder of the rich cultural and artistic legacy and wealth of history preserved in these ‘living museums’.

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