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Valentine’s day in Belgium

Well, for once, I am a bit at loss for words and do not really know what to tell you guys about Valentine’s day in Belgium. Not that it does not exist, not that it is not big (it is actually really big back home), but rather that I can’t find any striking differences between the way this day is celebrated here and in Belgium. Basically, Valentine’s day is just a good occasion to spend money, to be romantic and to prove your beloved one that you care about them. I did notice that people over here write Valentines to their friends, which does not happen in Belgium: make sure the only person you are attentive to on that day is your lover or, at least, someone you want to seduce…

Otherwise you might get a bad surprise and find yourself with twenty different people thinking that you’re trying to hit on them! All right, since I don’t have a lot to say about Valentine’s day as such, I will share with you my deadly Belgian combo to ensure a successful Valentine’s day.
(Editor’s note: I’ve actually never been able to try it myself, but I’m sure it works… maybe!)
Step 1: Wake your beloved one up with a nice waffle for breakfast.
Step 2: Take her to ‘La Grand Place’ in Brussels and giver her a bunch of red poppies (Yes, I had to google what our national flower is for that one)
Step 3: Kneel down and start singing the national Belgian anthem to her, replacing the word Belgium by her name and making a few modifications
Noble ”Girlfriend’s name” – forever a dear woman –
You, my heart and my arms, I give.
With pure blood split for you,
I swear with one cry – You will live!
You will live, great and beautiful,
As shall ever our unity
If by then, she hasn’t run away, you can safely proceed to step 4
Step 4: Get some amazing Belgian beer and chocolate and enjoy them together
Step 5: Leave Brussels for the Belgian coast where you will watch the sunset together, eating delicious mussels for diner.
If you follow all the steps carefully, the girl will fall madly in love with you and you will share beer, chocolate and waffles with her for the rest of your life. Bonne chance!

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