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Archive for March 8th, 2010

National Sports »

Most people in the world watch some kind of sport. It might be horse racing, football or skateboarding but it is usually something that strikes our interest. Now that the Vancouver Olympic games have come to an end, we can start looking forward to the summer sports that will be starting soon. So go ahead […]

Speedskating and XC Skiing »

The number one sport in the Czech Republic is indisputably ice-hockey, as Jaromir Jagr, Dominik Hasek, and many other Czech hockey starts demonstrated in the NHL. However, the Olympics did not go very well for the Czech hockey team. The star of this year’s Games was certainly the 21-year old Speedskating sensation Martina Sablikova, who […]

Sports in the UK »

I have two favourite sports of the UK. One is rugby. It’s sort of like American football but they don’t use that much protection or have as many adverts. The rules are pretty much the same except I think there’s more fighting within rugby. People usually end up with broken noses and bloody faces. It’s […]

Biathlon »

I could talk about soccer in Germany, but this is a little boring, because everyone who knows Germany and German people knows that its all about soccer in my country. Of course nearly every sport is popular in Germany, but not as much as soccer or other ballgames as Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball or Handball. We […]

Swedish and American sports »

My experiences here in the US when it comes to sports have been very different. In Sweden, the biggest sports are soccer, ice hockey and betting on horses, while here it seems like football and basketball take the lead. When I first arrived here in Salem, I was really excited to see what the sports […]

National Sports in Thailand »

Even though the Winter Olympic games, currently in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is traditionally associated with cold weather nations. Thai people also had a chance to participate in the Winter Olympic competition, although there was only one Thai that competed in this event. We are one of the first tropical nations that participated in the […]

Ping Pang »

National Sport – Ping Pang (table tennis) Ping Pang should be called the Number One sport in China. Millions of the Chinese people like doing this sport during their spare time.

Sports in Belgium »

The king of sports in Belgium, like everywhere else in Europe I guess, is football… Sorry, I meant soccer! Soccer is really big and the national championship is followed throughout the country by hundreds of thousands people. Unfortunately, our national team, the Red Devils, haven’t been doing really well in the recent year. Therefore, the […]

Looking Forward to the South American Games! »

In Colombia, this March we have a powerful reason to become fanatics of almost all sports. Medellin, my hometown, is the host of the IX South American Games, the most important competition of the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR). These games are held every four years since 1978. One of the characteristics of the South […]

Shen, Zhao Strike a Golden Finish for Their Career at Vancouver »

China’s figure skating couple Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo finally realized their Olympic dream, dancing to gold in the figure skating with a nearly flawless routine. The husband and wife team came out of retirement in quest of Olympic glory with a performance worthy of 18 years’ hard work together. Meanwhile, another Chinese duo Pang […]

Sports in Chile »

Thinking about sports at this moment seemed to be a bit trite, considering that Chile is just starting to recover from the tragic events of last week. In case you had not heard, on February 27th there was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Concepción (the second largest population in the country). Considering that context, talking […]

Baseball or Football? »

Baseball has been a national sport in Japan for quite a bit of time. We used to have “the baseball boys” who had practiced since middle school and dreamed that someday they would become professional players. But now football or soccer has replaced the baseball and there are those “soccer boys” who have practiced soccer […]