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Looking Forward to the South American Games!

In Colombia, this March we have a powerful reason to become fanatics of almost all sports. Medellin, my hometown, is the host of the IX South American Games, the most important competition of the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR). These games are held every four years since 1978. One of the characteristics of the South American Games is that it gathers Olympic sports, like Athletics and Swimming, as well as other sports, not included in the Olympic program, such as Bowling and Karate.

According to the locals, the games are in the air. There are only a couple of weeks left until The South American Games start. Medellin has invested 72 Billion Colombian Pesos (about 36 Million US Dollars) to improve the different places where the sports events will take place. The city will end up with one of the best sporting complexes in South America, said president of Chile’s Olympic Committee Negven Illic. More than 3,000 registered volunteers have accomplished 180 hours of training in Structures and Processes; Sports Culture; Civic Culture and Risk Management to support this event.
The South American Flame, the equivalent of the Olympic Flame, arrived to Medellin on March 3rd from Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. Tiahuanaco was the center of the great Amawta civilization, which ruled most of South America during XI and XII centuries. In other words, we are almost ready to The South American Games that not only represent the integration of South American people but also the transformation of a great city.


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