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National Sports in Thailand

Even though the Winter Olympic games, currently in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is traditionally associated with cold weather nations. Thai people also had a chance to participate in the Winter Olympic competition, although there was only one Thai that competed in this event. We are one of the first tropical nations that participated in the Winter Olympic.

Being a tropical country, our national sport are not made to take place as winter sports. Soccer, Thai Boxing (often confused with Kickboxing) and Sepak Takraw are the most popular sports in my country.
Thai Boxing is probably the most popular spectator sport in Thailand. The difference in Thai boxing and Kickboxing is that in Thai boxing, kicks below the belt are allowed, as are strikes with knees and elbows.
This video link is very good to provide you more insights into Thai Boxing in my country.

Soccer (we usually called football in Thailand) is another big thing in my country. Thailand national football team joined the Olympic Games first in Australia in 1956. Although, professional football in Thailand is in its infancy, the English Premiership has a surprisingly large following.
Another sport indigenous to Thailand is Sepak Takraw, a variant of volleyball played with the feet and a light rattan ball. There are several versions of the game with different rules. In the south of Thailand the game is played with a net. Only the feet and head are permitted to touch the ball. It is amazing to see players perform aerial pirouettes, spiking the ball over the net with their feet.

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