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Archive for April 7th, 2010

Food! Comida! Еда! Nourriture! »

Hello WWN readers! As food is our theme for this issue, our writers discuss their favorite foods and yummy dishes from their homeland! They have also kindly provided us with detailed recipes along with beautiful photos of some of the scrumptious traditional dishes. We hope this insightful issue will allow you to learn more about […]

Colombian menu »

It is difficult to write about Colombian cuisine because it is very diverse and varies depending on the different regions. In some areas you will find specialties like roasted ants or blood pudding while in other areas Colombians wouldn’t even touch these dishes. On this post, I am not going to talk about the specialties, […]

Vietnamese Phở and bánh gối ( Pillow-shaped cake) »

If you happen to cross Pearl District, Portland, let’s stop by a restaurant name Pho hung. I bet you will like it from the first taste: http://www.pho-hung.com/ Phở is a Vietnamese national food which is vẻry popular and can be found almost everywhere in Vietnam. It has become the pride of the country. Phở (Vietnamese […]

Japanese Food = Eat Healthy »

Once I was amazed that whenever people mention the “Japanese food” or “Japan”, Sushi is always the first thing coming up in their mind.I admit Sushi is popular in Japan too, but I hope the idea of healthy Japanese food is not based on Sushi. Although Sushi seems to be fresh and low-calorie, Sushi is […]

“Yum cha” ( 飲茶) »

“Yum cha” ( 飲茶) is a Chinese tradition that literally means “drink tea.” It is originally a Cantonese cuisine. With this tradition, you have small servings of dim sum in the teahouses, while also sipping Chinese tea. In fact, dim sum consists of a large range of Chinese dumplings and other goodies.

German Food »

Pork, beef, and poultry are the main varieties of meat consumed in Germany, with pork being the most popular meat eaten by German people. Seafood traditionally was restricted to the northern coastal areas, except for pickled herring, often served as Rollmops (a pickled herring fillet rolled into a cylindrical shape around a piece of pickled […]

My favorite Chilean foods »

Just like in other Latin-American countries, beans and corn are part of the regular diet of Chileans. We have different ways to prepare them, and we also use different names. Beans are called “porotos” and corn is called “choclo.” We mostly use two types of corn, the small, yellowish kind that you can find at […]

What to eat in Belgium? »

Food? Well, Belgium is all about food! We might not have an extremely prestigious culinary tradition, but people who have visited Belgium all agree on the fact that we enjoy good products and that we are very much about the Burgundian lifestyle, i.e. ‘enjoyment of life, good food, and extravagant spectacle’. Here is my top […]

Thai Cuisines »

Being away for almost a month for blogging, I couldn’t wait to share the theme of this week, Thai food. I bet that many people have already tasted Thai food before, but I would like to let you know that Pat Thai (Stir-fried noodles) and Tom Yum (Hot and Spicy Soup) aren’t the only food […]

Swedish traditional and non-traditional food »

Every time I’ve talked to people here about food they have almost always mentioned Swedish meatballs and lutfisk. It’s kind of fun to hear other people talk about this but I figured that I should dig a little deeper into the Swedish food culture for you all. First off, we do love Swedish meatballs. But […]

Chinese Food!!! »

It’s quite interesting that we have “Food” for our topic this week. I did some research online to find you some nice pictures on the following links I put here. And there are also some sentences I like best to describe the Chinese food: The Chinese regard eating as an art, which is a comprehensive […]