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Chinese Food!!!

It’s quite interesting that we have “Food” for our topic this week. I did some research online to find you some nice pictures on the following links I put here. And there are also some sentences I like best to describe the Chinese food:
The Chinese regard eating as an art, which is a comprehensive combination of sight, smell, touch, taste and even sound.
In China, eating is the psychological motor for everything.
Just as the ingredients of each dish and presentation is important, table manners and courtesy among diners are very much part of the Chinese cultural tradition. Only by combining excellent food with good manners can the high art of Chinese cuisine be truly enjoyed to the full.

After arriving in America, I started to cook Chinese food… Why did I not cook in China? Because my mum does it much better than I do. But I am determined to go back China in the summer and taste all the delicious food!!! 😛

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