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Japanese Food = Eat Healthy

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Once I was amazed that whenever people mention the “Japanese food” or “Japan”, Sushi is always the first thing coming up in their mind.I admit Sushi is popular in Japan too, but I hope the idea of healthy Japanese food is not based on Sushi. Although Sushi seems to be fresh and low-calorie, Sushi is not the only food in Japan, as Mexicans do not only eat Tacos.

The healthy Japanese food is usually the ordinary food which you can easily find from everyday’s dinner table. Japanese food has become healthy because Japanese improve the way of cooking. For instance, housewives cook meals in a less-oily, less-salty, cut-off the fat part of the meat, and put more vegetables in dishes.
Recently there is a diet way which comes from the idea of eating healthy. The diet is so-called Detokkusu & Kaidoku Diet (Detox Diet). The Detox Diet has a long history, and one famous example is the 2 liter water diet. The one which is popular in Japan more focuses on eating food which enforce the Liver Function, purify the blood circulation, and release the stress. The main detox food are brown rice, onions, sardine(fish), spinaches, apples, avocados, tomatoes and so on.
There is one website in English for more information:
However, in my opinion, I do not suggest to rely on the Detox Diet too much. In other words, the Detox Diet is worth a try, but it should not be the only thing you do to be healthy. There is one article I believe will give you a better idea of it:

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