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“Yum cha” ( 飲茶)

“Yum cha” ( 飲茶) is a Chinese tradition that literally means “drink tea.” It is originally a Cantonese cuisine. With this tradition, you have small servings of dim sum in the teahouses, while also sipping Chinese tea. In fact, dim sum consists of a large range of Chinese dumplings and other goodies.

Customers are served \steamed or deep-fried dishes. For instance, the traditional ones are steamed pork spare-ribs and char siu bao, which are steamed buns with roast pork, and to har gao which are shrimp dumplings with the translucent skin. Reputable tea houses always have sophisticated dim sum chefs who endeavor in perfecting the art of making dim sum to cater to their loyal customers.
dim sum.jpg
In recent times, tea houses have been converted into restaurants. We always sit around a round table. While enjoying the fantastic taste of each dumpling and the culinary art of dim sum, we also treasure the infrequent moment to stay along with our family or friends. Since people in Hong Kong, often need to take care of family and work issues, they devote less time to family reunion. The Chinese culture originates from the concept of family, therefore family gathering is of great importance to us.
Foreign travelers occasionally have the misconception that “Yum cha” implies merely drinking a small cup of tea. Yet, we actually mean having a big meal, which varies from breakfast, lunch to afternoon tea.
In the hustle and bustle atmosphere, we always need to line up as early as we can to secure our seats. This is just for having the first bite of fresh and savory dim sum!

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