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Archive for May 7th, 2010

So many impressive experiences! »

As our adieu for World News 2009-2010, we’ve asked our writers to recall their most interesting experiences during their time in the U.S. As they either elaborate on their best, or most awkward experience, their retrospective final blogs allow us to see our country through a different light. We hope you have enjoyed reading as […]

Memorable moments…memorable people »

What is the most memorable moment you have had in the USA? That is a difficult question. I could start describing breathtaking landscapes from Oregon like Crater Lake; astounding buildings from New York that made me feel like I was in a movie; the charming diversity of San Francisco that made me fall in love […]

A Trip to L.A—Full of Wonders and Memory »

In a recap of my stay here in the past year, there are a lot of pretty thrilling encounters like snowshoeing around Crater Lake, watching my first NBA game or chasing after migrant whales in a violently bumping yacht in the open sea. There are also quiet, but more touching, moments like hearing my students […]

The only Swede at Willamette »

It seems like not so long ago I stepped out of one of those Willamette vans. It was late and I had barely made it into the country because I had forgotten one of my visas at home. I hadn’t slept for at least 30 hours but I still managed to feel the excitement of […]

Give me more of Portland »

I have a lot of great memories here in the States and naming one particular memorable experience is really hard. I could talk about crazy nights out in Las Vegas, traveling to New York or San Francisco, eating crazy food, having a real American Thanksgiving, going hiking or winery touring, driving in the Utah and […]

Last few words »

I don’t really have a moment to share which I’ll always remind about when I get back to Germany. This year was just such a big experience for me to get clear about being a teacher. I totally loved working with all the students here and with my colleagues in the German Department and I’ll […]

Dazzling white snow »

It was once a fantasy for me, a lady from a country with a humid subtropical climate, to see real dazzling white snow. But this dream is now realized to become a fantastic memory. When I first heard there would be a snowshoeing trip to Crater Lake National Park organized the Outdoor Program, I was […]

A bus story »

When I have to think about the most memorable moment in the United States, the first thing that comes to mind, is obviously, my wedding day, which is by far the most memorable moment in my life. Nevertheless for the purpose of this article I believe I need something a little bit more mundane, like […]

Best Experiences »

I think my favorite experiences while being in the US were on trips. I got to see whales which I wouldn’t normally have been able to see and I didn’t get really sea sick! I got to go stay with my roommate in Portland which was nice because she had such a lovely family and […]

First year MBA »

Looking back at the ending academic year, the Atkinson Graduate school here at Willamette certainly left the biggest mark for me. MBA was a perfect fit. Undergrad was amazing in teaching me how to think and helping me to grow up. Now, I feel I am gaining the “real” real-world knowledge necessary to succeed. I […]