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A bus story

When I have to think about the most memorable moment in the United States, the first thing that comes to mind, is obviously, my wedding day, which is by far the most memorable moment in my life. Nevertheless for the purpose of this article I believe I need something a little bit more mundane, like a trip somewhere or an extraordinary situation. For some reason, there is one situation that, no matter what, it keeps popping in my head as something certainly memorable.

One day, while I was waiting for the bus at a bus stop, a lady came and sat next to me. Everything was normal until that point, but the lady next to me noticed that I was looking for the bus schedule and said. You are not from here, are you? And by a normal reaction, trying to be nice I answered. No, I’m actually from Chile. After looking at me for a minute she asked. Do men kill women in your country? The question caught me absolutely off guard, Huh? I asked. Well, yes, you know, she started, like men kill women here in the United States, you wouldn’t believe it but I just escaped my kidnapper and I’m trying to go undercover because my husband wants to kill me and he hired another man to do it. Oh my! I answered, have you talked to the police? Yes, of course I have, she said, but they will not listen to me, they say I’m crazy, and of course they do, they’re all men. Just at that moment, the bus came and I, for some reason, apologized for the situation, wish her luck and said goodbye. However, she was waiting for the same bus and, of course; there were only two sits available on the bus. Somehow she pushed me to the window side sit and she sat on the hall sit. Being a nice newcomer into town, I did not want to be rude and I listened to her story.
She started telling about her life with her husband and how happy things were for many years, but someday things changed and their life was not happy anymore, until her husband threatened to kill her but recognize that he was incapable of doing such a foul thing. And suddenly one day, she was kidnapped. She told me about the torture, violence and humiliation she was submitted. After two months of this horrible life, her kidnapper declared that, the only reason that he did not kill her was that he was in love with her, and was expecting that she would feel the same way about him. Of course I’m giving you the short version of this story, which by the time I realized that I was listening to a person that spend way too much time watching television. It was some sort of bizarre combination of CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order (SVU and CI), All my children, and Days of our lives. By this moment I dared to ask, so how long ago did this happen? Well, she started again, two days ago I finally said to him “In the name of Jesus, set me free” and he fell down on his knees crying and gave the keys to leave the house where I has held prisoner. Of course she had no marks of bruising or any of the terrible things she described during the previous minutes. Oh my! I said again, and where did this happen? In Keizer, she said, I was held there and now I’m running away from my husband. And you are taking a bus going downtown Salem at this moment? Shouldn’t you be on your way to Alaska or somewhere far away from here? No she said, I have contacts in the area, plus nobody would be able to recognize me. I just got a new haircut and I’m wearing my shades all the time. All right, if you say so, I said while walking off the bus that had finally arrived to its destination.
I know it is not a normal type of anecdote to tell, but I keep remembering what an odd situation that was. After that, I tend to take a book with me every time I have to take the bus, just in case I run into her again, I can politely hide in my book.

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