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Give me more of Portland

I have a lot of great memories here in the States and naming one particular memorable experience is really hard. I could talk about crazy nights out in Las Vegas, traveling to New York or San Francisco, eating crazy food, having a real American Thanksgiving, going hiking or winery touring, driving in the Utah and Arizona desert,… All of those are really precious memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. So I can’t single out only one experience- there were just too many of them that really matter to me.

But if I have to choose something, I can tell you how I completely fell in love with Portland. I’ve been lucky enough to go there regularly, to meet a lot of people living there and to learn to know the city better. Portland is a city where you need to spend time if you really want to appreciate it. Indeed, visiting the city as a tourist might be fun, but I’d rather go to New York or San Francisco. However, after exploring the city at large, I found that it has an incredible charm and lot of things to do. Someone once told me that Portland is everything San Francisco claims to be and I do agree with that. Portland is hip. Portland is weird (and thus interesting). Portland is not too expensive. It has an amazing culinary scene. It has one of the most relax/chill/friendly atmospheres I’ve ever seen in a city. It has a lot of clubs and bars; there are a lot of great neighborhoods outside downtown. It’s one hour away from the ocean on one side and one hour away from the mountains on the other. It has great beer and I could keep on going for a while! So if had to pick a US city that I wish I could live in (and I’ve visited quite a few cities here), Portland would definitely be very high on the list.
I will miss the hipsters, the ridiculously cheap and amazingly good restaurants, the incredible atmosphere, the fun bars, the green everywhere… In a word, I love Portland and I hope I will be back some day!
I’d also like to take advantage of this last entry to thank the entire Willamette community, the French department, the LLC and all my friends here; you all have been fantastic and I will miss you a lot!

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