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I don’t really have a moment to share which I’ll always remind about when I get back to Germany. This year was just such a big experience for me to get clear about being a teacher. I totally loved working with all the students here and with my colleagues in the German Department and I’ll definitely miss them all.
I also enjoyed working together with other teaching Assistants at the LLC. Meeting other people from different countries is always a great experience. It was very interesting for me to get to know the American culture.

For me the greatest part being here was having the opportunity to visit all the places I have ever wanted to visit in my life. It was just so amazing driving down south the West Coast and visit San Francisco. This City totally blew me away and if I ever have the chance I would for sure live in that City for some time.
Thank you very much Willamette University for giving me the opportunity staying and working here for almost a year. It was a blast teaching and meeting new people. All the best to all of you!
Ps.: I am so not going to miss the rain 😉

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