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The only Swede at Willamette

It seems like not so long ago I stepped out of one of those Willamette vans. It was late and I had barely made it into the country because I had forgotten one of my visas at home. I hadn’t slept for at least 30 hours but I still managed to feel the excitement of starting my first year of collage in the US.
That was August and now it’s May. So what have I done during all this time?

The group.jpg
me by the sign1.jpg
So I’d like to thank everyone I know here that has helped me to have an amazing experience, doing more than I thought possible. I hope that more people from my school in Sweden will consider Willamette as their choice. I also feel that more people here should take the leap and go abroad and try as many things as they possibly can. It will definitely make your life better in so many ways.

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