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And now introducing… »

Hello to Willamette and the World! We’d like to introduce our newest Willamette World News contributors! In this issue, our contributors from all over the world will tell you about themselves, their home and their initial impressions of living in the U.S. Happy reading! The Willamette World News Editors Jan, Jessa, Lars and Mirella

こんにちは »

HAJIMEMASHITE Kazue DESU. DOUZO YOROSHIKU!! Hello everyone!! My name is Kazue Saito. I’m the new Japanese Language Assistant from Sendai City of Miyagi prefecture in Japan. It takes about 2 hours to go to the north of Tokyo by Shinkansen. Sendai City has a famous festival in August. We call it “TANABATA-MATSURI.” I posted a […]

Una experiencia unica….. »

Hola Willamette! Soy Melina Billordo, Teacher Assistant of Spanish, from Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina. I come from a city (Resistencia, the capital city of Chaco) that is known as the “National city of Sculptures” which is located in the north east of Argentina. I am the eldest of three siblings and thanks to the education my […]

Diveristy is a common good »

Hi there! My name is Amy and I am studying in South Africa, but I am originally from Namibia. I enjoy diversity and I am intrigued with variety. I think life would be so boring if we were all the same. However, sometimes we are more alike than we think- and even that is cool! […]

Hello~你们好! »

你们好! I’m Jia Ma, the new Chinese Language Assistant for this semester. I’ve been here for one month, and really enjoy life here. Salem is a very peaceful city and Willamette is so beautiful. The Willamette River is my favorite in this city, it reminds me of my hometown, Yangzhou.

Assalam Alikoum »

Hi everyone, as you noticed the title of my entry is “asalam alikoum” which is “hello” in Arabic. My name is Maria Aarabi. I am a 21 years old Moroccan girl who has always dreamed about coming to US and knowing more about it. I am here at Willamette based on the exchange program done […]

Hello World »

Hello everyone. My name is Jairo Galeano Casanova, I am 26 years old and I’m from Colombia, a beautiful country in the north part of South America. My home city is called Pasto and is located in the south part of the country and I really love living there.

Hallo! Servus! Grüezi! »

Hi everyone! My name is Nadine Sulzberger and I’m from the green and pulsating city of Munich, Germany. First, I went to university there but then transferred to the University of Passau. Like Munich, Passau is located in Bavaria, a state which is in the southern part of Germany, at the crossing of three rivers. […]

Hello! Konnichiwa! Sawadee! »

Hi! I’m Ayaka. It’s so exciting to come back to Willamette again this year! I’m a senior, majoring in Sociology and this is my second and last year at WU. I have a little unique background. I am Japanese, but when I was one and a half years old, I moved to Thailand. Most of […]

My first foreign experience »

Hello everyone. My name is Andisiwe Mthatyana. I am an exchange student from South Africa (Rhodes University). I am only here at Willamette University for fall semester (2010). So far my experience has been good and I really wish I could extend my stay here. Leaving Rhodes University for Willamette University has been a great […]

Bonjour »

Bonjour! My name is Mikhal. I come from Paris, France and I’m the French assistant for this academic year. I have studied six years in a university called La Sorbonne. It is certainly one of my favorite places in Paris. You want to know why? La Sorbonne is a place full of history, but it […]

Annyong? Stranger : ) »

I’m Jason Oh from South Korea. I do have my Korean name Hyen-Bin Oh which is hard to pronounce!! I was a Freshmen in WU between 2008 and 2009 : ) But, I had to do military service in Korea for 2 years which is mandatory as a Korean man. (Not North!! South!! haha) I […]

Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi! »

G’day, my name is Rachel & I’m from Perth, Western Australia. I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to study abroad at Willamette over the next year. I am the first student ever to come here from the University of Western Australia! Although this is my 5th visit to the US, this […]

Junko from Japan »

Hi everyone! My name is Junko from Japan. I came to the States as a one-year exchange student in 2007 and transferred to WU in 2009 so this is my third year living in Oregon. heehee : ) My three years in Oregon have been just fabulous and I guess it will be tough for […]