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Hello everyone!! My name is Kazue Saito. I’m the new Japanese Language Assistant from Sendai City of Miyagi prefecture in Japan. It takes about 2 hours to go to the north of Tokyo by Shinkansen. Sendai City has a famous festival in August. We call it “TANABATA-MATSURI.” I posted a photo of “TANABATA-MATSURI” at the end of my introduction. And we also have a Christmas Event, “HIKARI no pageant.” This is also a great one. I will be able to show it to you later. Please don’t miss it.

I was TIUA student before. After I graduated from TIU, I worked in Mongolia as a teacher of Japanese for Mongolian high school students. After that, I came back to Japan, and entered into a graduate school. I thought I needed to study more about the basics of social systems and relationships between countries, and the “sense” which allows me to understand many things about what’s going on in the world around me. My major is International Relations. I’m especially interested in “Developing Education.” Anyway, I finished my master course this March. And now I’m here. I’m happy to come back here. I’m looking forward to sharing my culture and my feelings about USA.
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