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Annyong? Stranger : )

I’m Jason Oh from South Korea. I do have my Korean name Hyen-Bin Oh which is hard to pronounce!! I was a Freshmen in WU between 2008 and 2009 : ) But, I had to do military service in Korea for 2 years which is mandatory as a Korean man. (Not North!! South!! haha) I finished it in June of this year and then came back to WU. So, now I’m a “OLD” sophomore !!! ㅠ.ㅠ
Anyway, it will be great if we can share our thoughts and cultures!! and say “annyeong?” (안녕?) to me if you see me around, hahaha! It’s “hi” in Korean and nice to meet you guys!! ^___________________^

I’m a normal guy but I’m a unique one as well. I used to follow car smog as a child and as a result I ended up lost a lot. But from that experience I’ve grown to have itchy feet as a result. I like to go out and explore on my own. I like smiling after I press the shutter button on my camera. My mind is full of wonder. I also like to play soccer and dance. Travel, fashion and taking pictures interests me as well.
As for music? I listen all kinds of songs. Hip-Hop, Ballads, R&B, anything. I also love Karaoke.
I smile randomly and I like meeting new people because I can learn so much from another person’s story.
I can keep my pride in my pocket but it depends on the moment.
I hate controversy, though.
I prefer listening to speaking. That’s because I don’t want you to be hurt by my words, hahaha.
In addition, whoever you are, I’m warning you that I have a habit of keep “my people’s” connection if I get to know him/her. ^-^
Honesty is most important to me. I’m pretty much easy-going.
Lastly, I’ll respect where you came from. I can also respect different backgrounds and experiences.
Now let me know who you are if you happen to be interested in “my world” and “my story”.
Then maybe I’ll walk with you right next to the ‘chicken fountain’ sometimes. hahaha
” Who are you? ” & ” Who am I? “
Let’s start !! : )

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