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Assalam Alikoum

Hi everyone, as you noticed the title of my entry is “asalam alikoum” which is “hello” in Arabic. My name is Maria Aarabi. I am a 21 years old Moroccan girl who has always dreamed about coming to US and knowing more about it. I am here at Willamette based on the exchange program done by my home university, “AL AKHAWAYN” for 1 semester which means unfortunately I will be leaving this awesome place in a few months :( :( . But let’s think now only about positive things. So, I am a junior student and I am double majoring in Finance and Marketing. I live in one of the historical cities in Morocco which is Meknes, a city full of amazing places, full of history and background. I spent the best moments there that I will never forget: family, childhood experiences, first best friend, first love …

Actually I have never traveled outside my country! Why? Simply because I never could be separated from my parents or my friends. I have never been able to live a long period of time so far from them; the longest I have ever spent far from my family was 1 week and now it is my 7th week in US!! So why have I chosen to be a part of this adventure? I have always felt that I needed time for myself; time to communicate with myself and know more about it! I love experiencing new things, challenging myself, and even putting myself in hard situations in order to see how I will react. Then came this idea of the USA; a country that we have always heard about, films, series, stories, etc. Some people say that it is the best and the most beautiful country ever; some say that it is a dangerous and unsafe place! So I decided to come and to discover it on my own. 7 weeks now and I really don’t regret my decision; I have really enjoyed every single second and am still willing to enjoy more!

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