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My name is Mikhal. I come from Paris, France and I’m the French assistant for this academic year. I have studied six years in a university called La Sorbonne. It is certainly one of my favorite places in Paris. You want to know why? La Sorbonne is a place full of history, but it is also a very modern university. It was built in 1257. Cardinal Richelieu (the main secretary of Kings Louis XIII and Louis XIV) has been buried in the chapel of La Sorbonne.

Besides this history, la Sorbonne is an amazing place located in a young and dynamic area (the Latin quarter). Many movies have been made there (I met some French actors like Pierre Richard while I was going to class). I wanted to share that with all of you because the years that I spent at la Sorbonne were really amazing and now, I’m happy to discover a new university here, in the USA. Willamette is a very welcoming place and, after my first month spent here, I can say that I wouldn’t have chosen another university. I will try to enjoy each and every moment because I feel that my experience at Willamette is more than unique.
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La Sorbonne

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