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Diveristy is a common good

Hi there!
My name is Amy and I am studying in South Africa, but I am originally from Namibia. I enjoy diversity and I am intrigued with variety. I think life would be so boring if we were all the same. However, sometimes we are more alike than we think- and even that is cool! Africa, being the cradle of Mankind has become a breeding ground of diversity and life and trends are ever-changing. I would like to share that with you!
I hope to take with me and experience filled with lots of laughter, knowledge and good friends!

Part of exchange is all about change; and change is good. I am forever the optimist, but I do believe that people can communicate and cooperate not despite or in spite of their differences, but because of it! Where there is difference, there is never a dull moment- so many stories to tell, experiences to share in culture and language.
Coming from a post-colonial country (both Namibia and South Africa), I have been surrounded by diversity for most of my life. I have seen people get along and I have seen people have a hard time struggling to accept (racial) diversity. South Africa, a supreme example of the injustices of racial segregation bares testimony that life is never simple, subjective and monotonous in more ways than one. Fortunately, we are moving beyond this and every day becomes easier as people are connected through space and time (thanks to technology) and the dawn of a new era in politics (Obama!) and other facets of life.

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