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Hallo! Servus! Grüezi!

Hi everyone! My name is Nadine Sulzberger and I’m from the green and pulsating city of Munich, Germany. First, I went to university there but then transferred to the University of Passau. Like Munich, Passau is located in Bavaria, a state which is in the southern part of Germany, at the crossing of three rivers. I enjoy the historical but lively atmosphere that is typical of this region.
I’m mastering in Education for English and Geography at the “Gymnasium” which is a kind of a combination of Middle School and High School. I already have a bachelors degree in Communication and Media, and currently I am enrolled in a masters program for Media Education.

I am already looking forward to sharing the experiences that I am gaining here with my future students. Assisting people to progress of learning and understanding a foreign language, as well as the culture and country of its speakers, is one of the most revealing professions that I can imagine.
Before I came here, I was working for a foundation for animal protection and in my free time I like to go horseback riding, do yoga, hang out with friends in my favorite Irish pub in Passau, and watch American series. As I love to travel and to meet people from various cultural backgrounds and discover different landscapes, I’ve already been to South Africa and Namibia, to Australia, Dubai, Singapore and several places all over Europe. But the States have always had a very special appeal to me since I’ve been here several times. Mostly I’ve been traveling all over the country, but once I got the chance to work as an intern at a Middle School in North Carolina. It was fascinating to get to know a different school system and I can tell you it differs in several ways from the German one.
This is why I wanted to come here for a long-term stay (I am staying until May 2011). I’m very excited to be here and to be able to share my language and my culture with you and to gain a lot of new experiences and insights!
I hope we’ll meet during the time of my stay and please feel free to contact me via email (nsulzber@willamette.edu)!
Take care, Nadine
P.S.: To get a better impression of Passau I guess it’s nice to see how an American girl experienced it:

And here is a video by some students from Munich who guide you through the city. Have fun watching it!

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