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I’m Jia Ma, the new Chinese Language Assistant for this semester. I’ve been here for one month, and really enjoy life here. Salem is a very peaceful city and Willamette is so beautiful. The Willamette River is my favorite in this city, it reminds me of my hometown, Yangzhou.

Yangzhou is historically one of the wealthiest of China’s cities, and is known at various periods for its great merchant families, poets, painters, and scholars. It has attracted the attention of many historians in the West, and in English-language scholarship is the most intensively researched city in Chinese history after Beijing and Shanghai. Marco Polo claims to have served in Yangzhou under the Mongol emperor Kubilai Khan in the period around 1282-1287 (to 1285, according to Perkins). Although some versions of Polo’s memoirs imply that he was the governor of Yangzhou, it is more likely that he was an official in the salt industry, if indeed he was employed there at all.
But nowadays, Yangzhou is just a small quiet city sitting on the northern bank of the Yangtze River. I love it as it is. Here is a picture of Yangzhou. It’s the most famous view of Slender West Lake in our city. Hope you like it, and I welcome you to Yangzhou~

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