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Hello! Konnichiwa! Sawadee!

Hi! I’m Ayaka. It’s so exciting to come back to Willamette again this year! I’m a senior, majoring in Sociology and this is my second and last year at WU. I have a little unique background. I am Japanese, but when I was one and a half years old, I moved to Thailand. Most of my life was in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. I love Thailand so much and I’m proud to identify my hometown as Bangkok! I am generally interested in different cultures and societies, so I am so glad to have such a great opportunity to live outside of Japan and to study abroad in the US.

However, my knowledge of both Thailand and Japan is limited because I was raised in a Japanese community in Bangkok (Bangkok has a surprisingly great number of Japanese residents). Also, incoming information about Japanese culture was not fully reflective of Japanese society. In addition, I attended an international school in Bangkok for 3 years of my high-school time, so I have been set almost completely apart from Japanese community for the last 3 years. Living in Japan was difficult and very different. Tokyo is such a crowded and busy city! I cannot believe Japan is facing the issue of dwindling birthrate. Tokyo is flooded with people and pop cultures. In different regions in Tokyo have specific type of atmosphere and type of people. It is amazing how different each parts are. I hope I can talk about this more in the future entries.
Here are some my favorite things;
sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep….
sewing, designing dress, reading a fashion magazine
karaoke~~ (huge pop culture in Japan!)
anime and manga
family and friends (love)
FOOOOOOOD!!!! (eating and cooking)
If you find anything interesting about me, feel free to talk to me on campus, or you can just say ‘hi!’ to me! 🙂
I hope my blog can enhance your interests and understanding of the world more!

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