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Junko from Japan

Hi everyone! My name is Junko from Japan. I came to the States as a one-year exchange student in 2007 and transferred to WU in 2009 so this is my third year living in Oregon. heehee : ) My three years in Oregon have been just fabulous and I guess it will be tough for me when I leave to go back to Japan. The reason why I decided to join this blog on Willamette World News is that I really want to share my own culture and my international experiences from my perspective as a Japanese person.

Although I’ve been living in the States for three years, I still find cultural differences in everyday life and I never take for granted how things go in the States because things are so different from the Japanese way.
The typical example is that people here do not use umbrellas. I knew this and so I didn’t use my umbrella at all last year (because I wanted to look more Oregonian hahahahaha!). However, when I went back to Japan during summer break, I mostly used my umbrella. When I came back here and it rained, I naturally put up my umbrella and then I realized that I was the only one using an umbrella. Then I also realized that I’m not in Japan but in rainy Oregon.
I’m super excited to see how my last year of WU goes and I hope my stories will make you interested in Japan. Three years sounds long, but it was actually really short because I just love my life here.
As you know, time flies so fast when you are having tons of fun. There are so many great people and places here. My favorite place in Oregon is Crater Lake. I went there with a bunch of my international friends and it was a blast!
The view from the summit is as incredibly beautiful as the view from the summit of Mt. Fuji. Seriously, it was one of the best views I have ever seen in my life.

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