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Una experiencia unica…..

Hola Willamette! Soy Melina Billordo, Teacher Assistant of Spanish, from Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina. I come from a city (Resistencia, the capital city of Chaco) that is known as the “National city of Sculptures” which is located in the north east of Argentina. I am the eldest of three siblings and thanks to the education my parents gave me, I am here.

As regards my career, I got my degree as an English Teacher in 2008. I have been working as a teacher since 2004 and studying at the same time. In 2009, I started working as a Phonetics and Phonology teacher in the English Teaching Training College called ‘Dardo Rocha” in my hometown. I have been teaching Phonetics and Phonology I and II for a year and half. Also, I have been working in 3 different secondary schools teaching English. In my free time, I taught English at home. In 2009, I applied for the first time to a Fulbright Scholarship. It was hard work to apply for that scholarship because I had been working for 5 years before so as to be qualified to apply to it.
As regards my hometown, I was declared by a Counselor, a provincial and cultural ambassador of my city, because I am the only English teacher of the whole province who was given a scholarship this year, and in the whole country, only 17 teachers were selected from more than 200. I had an interview with her and the interview was published in different newspapers in the whole province. Also, she gave me materials of my city so as to show people here where I come from. She also gave me a wooden sculpture as a symbol of my city. Furthermore, the administration of Education gave me special permission to do this scholarship and I didn’t have to quit my job. They pay my salary monthly, however, while I am here.
That’s just a brief description of who I am. I think this is a unique and the most extraordinary experience I have ever had and it will be one of my best memories.

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