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Believe it or Not !?

Have you seen the movie called “Skeleton Key”? It’s one of my favorite thriller movies that’s related to shamanism and superstition. Honestly, I don’t believe in superstitions all that much. However, many people (especially the old men and women) avoid things that are said to be “bad luck” out of superstition.
Furthermore, there are lots of shamans in Korea despite the fact that we have a major Christian and Catholic population. Believe it or not, now I’m going to give you a list of some common superstitions in Korea : )

1. Koreans believe that a dream with a pig in it brings good luck. Some Koreans even buy lottery tickets after they have this dream.
2. Koreans give Korean taffies called 엿(yut) to wish people good luck on a test or exam. Since 엿 is sticky, Koreans think that it will help an applicant stick to whatever they are taking the test for.
3. Korean students avoid eating 미역국 (Mi-yuk-guk, Korean seaweed soup) on an important test day. Since seaweed is slippery, they think that it may cause them to slip on the test.
4. Koreans associate number 4 with death. The Korean word for 4 has the same phonetic sound as the Chinese character that means death. Some buildings in Korea have an ‘F’ floor instead of a 4th floor.
5. Koreans don’t write people’s names in red (ink). Doing that would mean that person has passed away.
6. Koreans believe that if you see a magpie a welcome guest will visit your home.
* P.S: If you want to hear more, or have a question!!
Last time I didn’t mention my contact info. I’m not sure who might show an interest!! However, I’m looking forward to it!! : )
My e-mail is hoh@willamette.edu & for my facebook just put Jason Oh, that’s it. Simple right? : )

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