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Halloween in Colombia

Halloween in Colombia is generally celebrated just as in the rest of the world, people wear costumes and they have parties in discos, where they get prizes if they have the most original or the most crazy costume.

Children ask for sweets around the neighborhood and it is generally a time to share with them. In fact there are some special activities dedicated to children and families. But we also have some spooky stories about this day; old people especially believe in these kinds of things.
One story, that my mother used to tell me as a child, is the one that if you put a dog’s eye booger in your right eye, you can see the spirits of the dead walking towards the cemetery carrying candles and praying. (In Colombia it is believed that dogs can see the spirits of the dead and that is why they howl and bark at night). In fact, she said that a relative of hers once did it and he went crazy after this because he was so frightened that he could not remember anything afterward. Real or not I would never do such a thing.

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