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Hello to you all Willamette Community

My name is Jérôme and I come from Strasbourg, France, a city located in the North Eastern part of the country, at the border with Germany. I have mainly been raised between two countries and cultures since my mother is from Belgium and that half of my family lives there, resulting in a lot of comings and goings between those two places. I am an exchange student studying in the MBA program for the whole year here at Willamette.

I spent the whole last year in Montreal, Canada where I did an internship. I had the opportunity to discover and be immersed in a new culture for me. Even though officially francophone, Montreal is a true crossroad of cultures, strongly influenced by the Anglo-Saxon culture as well as by a remarkable melting pot; a real trademark here in North America.
As this experience gave me the taste of North America, I decided to come finish my studies here in the United States and thus continue my discovery of North America while living another great experience abroad.
When being far from all the known reference points I have, what I like is constantly being put to the test and go forward in whatever I undertake, be it studies, daily life or travels. The USA is a mythic country to me I have always been attracted by. I had to come see how things are by myself. And what I can say is that I am far from being deceived of what I have seen and experienced so far.

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