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Superstition & scary stories in Japan

I like these kinds of topics. We also have many superstitions in Japan. But I think that it is different depending on the area in Japan just like each country has its own superstitions. The superstitions that I know are below:

*When you buy something new, you shouldn’t start using it that afternoon.
*When you eat rice, you have to eat everything, even the last piece of rice. If you leave
rice uneaten, you will develop failure of eyesight.
*Don’t whistle in the night. If you whistle in the night, a sneak will come.
*In northern Japan, it is said that you should not hang a mirror facing southward. If you don’t have a space to put the mirror any other direction in your room, you should cover the mirror with cloth
or something. Spirits in the after life are said to go to the mountains located north of Japan. So if we put a mirror facing southward in the north, the spirits will be confused and lose their way.
Nowadays, we don’t care about these things too much, but I sometimes remember my grandmother’s saying: ‘Superstitions are a kind of knowledge to help one live well.’ So I want to tell these things to the next generation!!
Next, I just want to tell you my story. When I was a high school student, my friend told me if you put a paper with a drawing of a monkey in your wallet then you can get a lot of money. So I drew a monkey immediately and named the monkey “KANE-SARU.” KANE means money. SARU means monkey. But KANE-SARU means money go away in Japanese, so I gave up doing this superstition. hahaha(*^_^*)
Anyway, here’s a scary story that’s also very famous in Japan, especially during summer time. If you want to feel the scary atmosphere of Japanese scary stories, please watch this video. I hope you can feel scared even if you don’t know Japanese!


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