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Superstitious people? … Yes, we are!

In Argentina, we believe in superstitions. We believe for example that you shouldn’t get married on a Tuesday or Friday 13th, no matter which month- it’s the same with traveling or going out from home for a long time on those days. Also, watching a black cat is bad luck, as well as opening an umbrella inside a home.

Moreover, to protect yourself from envy, you have to use a red bracelet. What’s more, you can’t walk under a ladder when you are walking by on a street. Also, the day of her marriage a bride has to wear something blue, old, and a new thing so as to be lucky, and if it is raining the day of the wedding, it means that God blesses the marriage. In addition, on New Year’s, most girls have to wear new and pink pants because they’re lucky. Finally, most people believe that all the things that you do the first day of the new year, you’re going to do throughout the whole year. Believe it or not, Argentine people in general are superstitious.

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