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Politics abroad…and some more introductions! »

As we reflect on recent election outcomes and local political lore, our World News contributors have agreed to show us a little perspective by describing their own country’s political systems, past turmoil or current developments. Learn about Argentina’s fascinating political history, Australia’s current views on the female Prime Minister and more. We’d also like to […]

Australia’s First Female Prime Minister »

A few months ago Australia held a federal election and it was quite controversial for many reasons. Back in November 2007 the Australian Labour Party (our left-wing party) beat the Liberals (our right-wing party) after their 11 years in office. The new prime minister Kevin Rudd experienced falling popularity and so the ALP replaced him […]

Political system in South Korea »

In South Korea, we have a cabinet system and a presidential system. But we are more focused on a presidential system.

Over the Atlantic: the French Political System »

France is a democratic country whose motto is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” It conveys the values of people gathered in the same Nation. Once Monarchy was abolished in 1789 by what is known as the French Revolution and the decapitation of king Louis the 16th, there were different successive Republics. The Fifth Republic was approved in […]

Elections and Politics in Nigeria »

Prior to 2007, elections in Nigeria had been discouraging and all but sham. Voters had turned out in large numbers with great enthusiasm and resolve to elect the party they reasoned would make their “promises” a reality. Unfortunately, their hopes were dampened and their efforts in vain. Elections were rigged!

Whose Line Is It Anyway? »

The word Sidster is not really an item from the menu of a Chinese restaurant. The origin of the word comes from a recherché seminary accomplice, or in other words, a good high school friend. I do not really know the meaning of the word, or the reason he gave me this name, but since […]

Elections in China »

Elections in PRC are kind of complicated. It takes two forms- direct elections and indirect legislative elections. For village councils in designated rural areas, and for the local People’s Congress in all areas, we have direct elections to vote for representatives’ seats of the People’s Congress. All other levels of the People’s Congress up to […]

Political Situation in Colombia »

Traditionally in Colombia there have been two political parties, the conservative and liberal; however, lately some other political groups have got the presidential and some other important leadership positions, so nowadays, it is common to find at least 6 different political parties. One important and different aspect is that any person could run for the […]

Argentina, Just a bit of politics … »

The Argentine political system is regulated by The Argentine Constitution of 1853 which mandates a separation of powers into executive, legislative, and judicial branches at the national and provincial level. The political framework is a federal representative democratic republic, in which the President is both head of state and head of government, complemented by a […]

Politics in France »

The actual president of France is Nicolas Sarkozy. He was elected in 2007 for a five-year term, so the next presidential elections will be in 2012 but we can already say that the election campaign has started…

Politics of Japan from my small sight »

The current Japanese prime minister is Naoto Kan who belongs to the Democratic party of Japan. We had a big change last year when the political party in office was changed from Liberal Democratic party to the Democratic party. As you may know, the Japanese prime minister has changed many times over the past several […]

Afrikaans! »

Hi everyone! My name is Marlon Smith. I’m an exchange student from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, but I’m originally from the mother city of Cape Town. My home languages are Afrikaans and English but I’m studying Chinese and French as well. So far my time here at Willamette University has been great, […]

Elections in South Africa »

South Africa is an interesting case and I am going to tell you the wonders of elections in my country. Did you know that South Africa was the last country in the world to gain its independence? Before 1994, South Africa was under the rule of Apartheid (legal racial system enforced by the National Party).

If you want to do politics with us you have to talk to our chancellor not the president »

Salem, Oregon, a few days before election day 11/02/2010: the TV programs are full of campaign commercials. One politician points out the failures of his opponent and bawls him down. Then for a comparatively short amount of time he praises what he would do better if you vote for him. The main difference that I […]