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Politics in France

The actual president of France is Nicolas Sarkozy. He was elected in 2007 for a five-year term, so the next presidential elections will be in 2012 but we can already say that the election campaign has started…

I think that the French electoral system is pretty interesting. The president is elected by direct universal suffrage. It means that the candidate who gets the majority vote wins. In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was a right-wing candidate, was opposed to Ségolène Royal, a left-wing candidate. He won with 53.06% in the second ballot. The president appoints a prime minister. The actual French prime minister is François Fillon.
Politics in France is often complicated. And pretty secret too. French people don’t like to say whose candidate they’re going to vote for, what their political leanings are… It’s something that you keep to yourself. It’s private. Talking about politics can generate conflicts because it’s often a burning topic. However, politics are also often ridiculed by comic actors, impersonators, etc. And it’s a good way to laugh at politics.

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