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Whose Line Is It Anyway?


The word Sidster is not really an item from the menu of a Chinese restaurant. The origin of the word comes from a recherché seminary accomplice, or in other words, a good high school friend. I do not really know the meaning of the word, or the reason he gave me this name, but since then all of my high school friends have called me The Sidster. My friends in US have yet to pick up on it though. Wait … now don’t you get any ideas 🙂
My full name is Siddharth Ashok Kumar Arora….. long name, huh? But you all can call me Sid. I was born on December 20, 1985 in a little town of Baroda in the great country of India.

My parents say that the moment I was born, a storm hit the city. Since then I have known to cause a lot of trouble like throwing eggs at my neighbor’s car, deflating tires of an 18 wheeler etc. The biggest change in my life happened when I decided to join a boarding school in 7th grade. The name of the school was Mayo College. Those 6 years in high school define who I am right now. I made some great friends over there, got into detention uncountable times, broke rules like a falling pack of cards, threw water balloons at my instructor’s house, learned some great lessons, got advise from wonderful people; in all, the moments of my life.
In September 2004, I came to Klamath Falls to pursue a dual degree in Computer Engineering and Software Engineering Technology from Oregon Institute of Technology. Coming from a country of 1.3 billion people, Klamath Falls was completely different. I clearly remember the drive from the airport to my school for the first time, we passed Washburn Way (the biggest street in Klamath), it was mentioned that this was the most happening street in this town. There were 6 cars on the road, few people walking on the sidewalk, Fred Meyers, Staples were the few stores I saw….in all I thought this was a dead town. But eventually I got used to living in a small town with lots of open spaces.
I had never seen snow before coming here. So when I saw it the first time at Crater Lake, it was amazing. Back home, I am used to 100 degree temperature with 90% humidity, perfect conditions for a sweat bath. So seeing snow for the first time was truly a different experience. Not realizing what was coming ahead, considering the Klamath Falls winter, I thought that being around snow would actually be a lot of fun. It snowed 6 months in a year, and by April, I got sick of it. But I still enjoyed ice skating, snow boarding, skiing etc. every now and then.
I am very optimistic person. I try not to let negativity effect my behavior and ideas. 95% of the time, when I talk, I am not serious and the other 5% belongs only at work (that is, if needed). I constantly quote Russel Peters. I love to travel. I have visited U.A.E, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, and Netherlands. I like a challenge in my life to give me an adrenalin rush. I love to do things like sky diving, deep sea diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, fast driving (150 mph in an Audi A6, on a 12 mile stretch, some crazy fun), riding my bike. Basically, anything that can give me an adrenalin rush in my body. I like to care about people, and if I can do anything to make a difference in someone’s life, it gives me great satisfaction. My family and friends are very important to me, I will do anything for them.
Coming to Willamette University’s MBA program was again different. For a lot of people, Salem is a downgrade because they come from cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, etc. but for me Salem is an upgrade, because if you remember, I had been living in Klamath Falls until this last August. I am still getting used to what this place has to offer me, but I am sure everything will be good.
At this point, I am very complacent with my life. I have learned a lot in this country with my experiences and the people I have met. I am really appreciative of everyone who has affected my life in this country. This is first time I have had an opportunity to share my life over a blog and I will be more than glad if anyone has questions to ask or comments to express their feelings on my blog. I will try my best to keep this blog updated as frequently as possible …… till then, so long fellows.

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