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ANIME and more?

I think a great aspect of Japanese popular culture is anime. As you may know, there are many animation films and cartoons in Japan. The most famous place associated with anime is AKIHABARA in Tokyo. The place is also famous for electric things. So AKIHABARA is very crowded everyday, especially weekends. However, I recommend going there at least once when you go to Japan. These popular cultures tend to be for young people. But people of all generations have widely-enjoyed them.

Some of the places of interest are the Comic Cafes (MANGAKISSA). MANGAKISSA is a café where can we read cartoons, use the internet, watch movies, and stay out at night. Most of MANGAKISSA have shower rooms. So many young people use the them when they miss a train, don’t have enough money to stay in a hotel, and so on. I’ve also used them before. They have many small rooms, so you can have some privacy there. I just want to say that it would not be a good choice to stay at MANGAKISSA when you are tired. They don’t have a bed…
Anyway, anime is greatly affecting Japanese culture. There are big comic events every summer in Japan. One is called “Comic Market”. The event is explained in the clip.
The most famous company of animation video-making is Studio Ghibli, Inc. They’ve made many awesome animation movies and they even have their own art museum in MITAKA, Tokyo. Their movies have strong messages, so you can get different impressions depending on when you watch it. This time, I will show you newest film of Ghibli. It is “The Borrower Arrietty” Some of you may have seen it this summer. But its animation is very beautiful. So please check it out! here.
I would like to tell you one more thing. All eyes of Japanese are on Power Spots now. Many Japanese people want to get energy and relaxation. Most Power Spots are located on shrines or in nature. The Power Spots are said to have positive energy, that allows your body to “reset.” You can check some Power Spots on youtube.
Some trendy travel agencies arrange tours around power spots.
I also had an experience going to a Power Spot before my final test. I went to MEIJIJINGUU in Tokyo. There is an old water-well that was made by KIYOMASA KATO. Actually, I passed the test with a good grade and got a job in that time! But I am not sure if this was because of it

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