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Hamish and Andy; informing the nation


I’ve mentioned in my last entries about radio hosts that went crazy over the recent federal elections and here’s my chance to elaborate on that further. I’d like to introduce you all to Hamish and Andy, a hilarious and dynamic comedy duo that host a radio show on 92.9. They’ve also done some social commentating on various television shows, regularly compete in game shows, host events and just generally cause ruckus pulling pranks throughout the nation. Personally, I think anything they do is worth watching or listening to. They have something to say about everything going on within Australia and you will find them at most big events – commenting on politics, getting into the themes of popular TV shows, at the Melbourne Cup, guest appearing in Neighbours, hosting the ARIAs, interviewing big stars in town. If it’s happening – and can be spun into a joke – they’re on it!

They host a show to drive people home after work that runs from weekdays 4-6pm and on Friday they have a special tradition – pants off Friday’s – to celebrate the freedom of ending the work week. You can check out more examples of their hilarity at:
They also began a segment called Caravan of Courage which saw them journey from Melbourne to Queensland and do all sorts of stupid things in 2007. The segment was so popular that it’s now an annual road trip series which has seen them embark on three more trips. In 2008 they ventured further around Australia from Melbourne to Darwin on a trip entitled “Who Dares Dar-Wins” (a parodied title of the once popular Australian show “Who Dares Wins”). They also visited the USA in 2009, and traveled 5,000km from Miami to L.A. in their caravan ‘Abravan Lincoln’. The title of this trip was “Yes We Van”, with other suggestions being “We Come From A Van Down Under”, “The United States of Ameri-Caravan” and “RV There Yet?”
You can see a clip of them asking their boss for permission to embark on the American adventure here:

This year they just returned from a trip around Great Britain & Ireland in their caravan called ‘Sir Vancealot’ (runner ups including ‘Sir Vanthony Hopkins’ and ‘Margaret Hatchback’). I highly recommend checking them out, or if you visit Australia, you know which station to tune in to!

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