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Molière: a great playwright

We often say that English is the language of Shakespeare. In the same way, we say that French is the language of Molière. That’s why I wanted to talk about one of the most famous playwrights in France: Molière. In middle and high school, we study lots of his plays. Every French must have read at least one… Molière, from his real name Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, has written more than thirty plays. He also loved performing in his own comedies. The king Louis XIV supported his company during his time.

In his plays, Molière makes fun of many of man’s flaws. In “L’avare” (“The Miser”), he shows how money can lead to insane behaviors. The hero of the play, Harpagon, hides his money in a box and all his concerns are about it. There is a lesson to learn in every play, and, a few centuries later, it still works: Molière is a timeless writer.
Molière’s first goal was to make people laugh. So, the Latin motto “Castigat ridendo mores” ( One corrects customs by laughing at them) fits perfectly to his works.
Movies have been made on Molière’s life. Here is the trailer of the movie released in 2007.

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