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Welcome 2011 World News readers, old and new! »

Join us in learning a little about 2010’s diverse events from our contributors! Sometimes it’s hard to remember, in our little lives here at Willamette, that life goes on beyond these oceans, so here’s a little bit from our readers to provide us with “A Year in Retrospect.” There’s information about Australia’s disastrous floods, Germany’s […]

2010 A Year of Changes »

One of the most significant changes in Colombia was the election of the new president, Juan Manuel Santos; after 8 years in power Alvaro Uribe finished his presidential period with a different country in terms of security and foreign investment.

Germany in 2010 – A Year in Review »

The year of 2010 was a year full of events that kept the attention of the whole world. Everyone was anxious about the oil tank catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and everyone was glad for the saved mine workers in Chile. But what happened during 2010 in Germany? The next paragraphs will give you […]

The Keywords-of- the-Year contest for 2010 in Japan »

I would love to share with you something from Japan of last year. Many things happened in Japan last year, just like in your country. So I decided to tell you something important from Japan last year based on “The keywords-of- the-year contest for 2010”. This prize is given to the word which affected our […]

2010: a year in retrospect – Politics, floods, cyclones and all that fun stuff. »

2010 was a revolutionary year for Australia, I’ve already wrote about how we elected our first ever female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, into office – see my previous entry Australia’s First Female Prime Minister. And it wasn’t just that she was a female that had the media buzzing, but also the fact that she’s a […]

Shanghai after World Expo 2010 »

The Shanghai World Expo will certainly be in the list of TOP 3 events of 2010 in China.”Better City, Better Life”, as the theme of Expo 2010 was, can be seen everywhere in Shanghai, where I lived for 7 years. But for me, I’d prefer to say that my annual event 2010 of China is […]

The collapse of The French soccer team during the FIFA World Cup of 2010 »

Soccer is the French “national” sport. It is and has always been very important in France: we really live soccer. The proof is that, after the last World Cup in South Africa, from the chaos that was brought about at the defeat of the team, the French government had to intervene.

The King and Queen of Tango! »

I was wondering about what I am going to write about my country one year ago. I was searching different sites to remind me about it. Most of the things were the same. So I come across with news that calls my attention, and I want to share it with you. Argentina is famous for […]