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2010 A Year of Changes

One of the most significant changes in Colombia was the election of the new president, Juan Manuel Santos; after 8 years in power Alvaro Uribe finished his presidential period with a different country in terms of security and foreign investment.

Juan Manuel Santos has started changing the international relation with some other countries in South America such as Venezuela and Ecuador, this has been important to recover Colombian economy and that is the reason Colombia is consider today as one of the countries with the highest potential to advance and develop new economic developments. One of the priorities of the new president was to set stable and formal relations with his neighbors, in his first speech as president he affirmed that the word war was not in his vocabulary and so presidents like Hugo Chavez and Rafael Correa reestablished the economical and political treaties with Colombia which means a new and more productive future for the region.

Another important event that happened last year was the 200th anniversary of the independence of Colombia. There was a big celebration in all the cities, with concerts and presentations, and at the same time a deep evaluation on how this independence has affected the country in the positive and negative factors. There are people who consider that the independence has definitely brought more positive than negative things such as freedom and control of our goods and property.

In general, 2010 was a year full of changes, some of them political and others economic. So far the changes have worked well and I personally hope that my country can improve a lot and that new violence can finally finish so we can change the view that people have of Colombia.

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