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The King and Queen of Tango!

I was wondering about what I am going to write about my country one year ago. I was searching different sites to remind me about it. Most of the things were the same. So I come across with news that calls my attention, and I want to share it with you.
Argentina is famous for many things such as good quality of wines, excellent barbecues, high quality baking, warm and friendly people, wonderful landscapes and tango dancing. This special dancing makes people feel passionate, and they enjoy this “hot dancing”. Last year, in Buenos Aires (the capital city of Argentina) there took place the 8th Tango Dance World Championship 2010. In this contest, around 400 couples danced at a rhythm of 2×4. Also, it took place in the “Luna Park Stadium” where thousand people were amazed because of the great quality of the dancers. They could also watch the finals and other shows.

Talking about the finals, just 22 Argentine, 3 Japanese, 3 Colombian, 1 Chilean, 1 South Korean and 1 Venezuelan were the privileges couples that competed for being in the highest positions of the contest. Moreover, the members of the Jury were well–known Tango Professors such as Claudio Segovia and Miguel Angel Zotto among others.
After a huge decision, the Jury finally decided to give its prize to the couple integrated by the Japanese Chizuko Kuwamoto and the Argentine Diego Ortega who won the 8th Tango Dance World Championship 2010. Huge was the surprise of the winning couple since it was a difficult contest due to the high professionally degree of competitors. Besides, they were representing the Argentine artists in the world championship. Furthermore, in 2009, there was a Japanese couple in the 7th Tango Dance World Championship which set the Tango stages for professional Tango dancers.
News like that makes the difference because it is not common to read something about this dancing every day. As regards my country, it was one of the most important news for 2010. So, I enjoy sharing with you this picture of the winning couple and a video:

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