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German Cuisine – It’s more than just sausages & sauerkraut

The German cuisine is known for its large variety of sausages, for Sauerkraut, and beer. But there’s much more to German food than that.
The main meal of the day used to be lunch. For dinner a lot of Germany just used to have Brotzeit, which means a variety of bread, spreads, cheese, and sausage. Due to changes of labor hours in the last century the daily routine of most Germans changed as well. So nowadays for a lot of people dinner is the most important meal of the day. A common breakfast consists of dark bread or rolls or pretzels with butter, jam, honey, nutella, hard cheese, cream cheese, or lunch meat. Some people have cereal, orange juice, yogurt, a hard boiled egg and coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Other than the boiled egg, Germans don’t have anything warm for breakfast.

German people like to cook and don’t eat out as much as in the U.S. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all Germans eat healthier than the average American. Most of our typical food is actually very rich. Most of the dishes include some kind of meat – from pork over chicken, to beef and game.
Here are some examples of typical traditional dishes:
Pork roast with dumplings, roast sauce and red cabbage
Spätzle (something close to pasta)
Kartoffelsalat (potato salad with vinegar)

(sweet yeast dumpling filled with plum sauce usually topped with poppyseed and served with vanilla sauce)
Something very typical that is served either as dessert or instead of cake is the Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel). It is usually served with vanilla sauce and is quite complicated to bake. If you want to find out more about it click here for a video of baking instructions.
The most common foreign food comes from Greece, Asia, Mexico, and especially Italy. There are actually quite a lot Italian restaurants in Germany owned by native Italians. Turkish food is pretty common now, too, and the German’s favorite is the Döner. This is why people from other countries think Döner is German food, but it’s not. Actually it is a typical Turkish food.
Döner (Turkish food but very popular in Germany)
And here are descriptions of common German deserts:
Got hungry?
Well, here are some websites with recipes of typical German dishes: Enjoy!

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