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Que rico! Colombian Food

It is difficult to write about Colombian food and not to feel hungry, every video I see or every recipe I read brings memories and flavors, not many people know about our food and when people are asked, they generally affirmed that food in South America must be the same as the Mexican food. This of course is not true; we have a different variety of dishes and even though some ingredients are the same the way of preparing and the flavor are extremely different.

Many people in Colombia love soups and we have all kind of soups, chicken, vegetable, meat, potato, and some others. Depending of the region you visit you can find a specific dish. Next you will see a video about the way of preparing SANCOCHO which is famous all around. Pay attention to the ingredients and the cooking.

Of course a Colombian lunch cannot be completed until you have the second main dish, so after eating SANCOCHO you need to make some space for the rice with chicken, yeah we love chicken and many of our food have this delicious ingredient.

In some parts of Colombia, people have really typical food, some of it can sound weird but you will change your mind as soon as you taste it.
EL CUY, officially known as Guinea Pig, is famous in Pasto, South of Colombia, It is true that some people have these animals as pets and it is necessary to clarify that not everywhere in Colombia you will find this dish. EL CUY is mainly found in Pasto and in some other places such as Ecuador and Peru.
LA LECHONA, worldwide known as pork, is prepared with rice, vegetables and some other herbs that make it such a deliciuos dish.
LOS BUÑUELOS Y NATILLA, these are desserts made with corn and they are usually eaten in December to celebrate Christmas.
EL CANELAZO, this is a alcoholic drink made with water, cinamon and licour and sometimes fruts, it is served hot and it is famous all aroud.
These are some of the most special things we prepare in Colombia, of course there are some more and as I said, each region has its special and tipycal dish, that is the reason that it is diffiult to talk about unique tipycal Colombian food, besides we also have plenty of international restaurants, it is common and easy to find French, Italian, Chinesse, Thai and some other kind of food.
In conclusion, if you decide to go to Colombia you will have a good time and probably will get some more weight when you try our food.

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