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I’m still thinking…

Time has a wing…

It’s been already a year since I got back to WU from harsh military service in South Korea for two years. Everything was strange at first. There was no tension. Everyone was wearing different clothing (not military uniforms), there were remodeled or newly built fancy campus buildings, new students, etc. All of campus was full of youth and vitality within freedom. Time went so slow when I was in the military base; however when I got out of the base, time flew by up until now.
Throughout the year, I’ve learned new things in class, went to parties, and met new people. I was trying to keep the balance between the academic and interpersonal connections at WU. Furthermore, I finally declared my major as rhetoric & media studies. Now I’m almost halfway done with college and nowadays, I feel that I am halfway to reaching the real society out there. I’m not sure how my future will be revealed to me or to other people later on. However, I hope that all people and experiences that I have had or will have later in my daily life in U.S can support my goal in the future and shape me as a person who can be regarded as warmhearted to others. In that way, I’m still thinking, doing, and planning my way here, right now.

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