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Memorable moments…

When I think back on all the things I’ve seen, all of them are memorable. It is hard to choose one of them because I have so many cultural moments that I would like to share.

First of all, I thought that airports would have been difficult because of the airport maps which I found online. They ended up being easier to navigate. Everything has signs and airport workers are really nice.
Secondly, I thought that people wouldn’t have been friendly. Now, my opinion about people on the west coast is so different. They are friendly and ready to help you.
Thirdly, I thought that traveling here would be very difficult. It was completely opposite. It is so easy to go from one city to another by plane and so safe at the same time. I am lucky to have the opportunity to visit different cities and prove what I am saying.
Fourthly, I didn’t expect to go to NYC and I was impressed because it was totally different. Because of TV, I thought that I would have been very insecure. I didn’t feel unsafe. It was an awesome city with multicultural people. Also, when I went to Central Park to skate, there was a big line and I thought it would have taken me the whole day just to skate. It wasn’t like that! It just took me an hour to skate!
I think that I didn’t expect that one class would help me to change my whole view of everything. Now, I can help my family and my friends in a different way. I understand situations in a better way and I am really proud of being helpful to people that I love.
Finally, I didn’t expect to find wonderful and multicultural people here on campus. I was so amazed when I shared my culture and I felt so happy when I listened to them explaining about their country.
Regarding people, I was surprised how fast students learn Spanish here and how happy they felt when I helped them. Those moments made me feel proud to to be here as a Spanish Assistant. I discovered a whole world that I hadn’t even thought about. These months here in the USA made grow as a person and also professionally.

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