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Take action!!

Since I came to the US, I have seen and felt many differences from Japan through daily life, contact with friends from all around the world and the people here, nature, and so on.

One day in the morning, I saw raccoons from my room. I thought they were squirrels at first, but these were absolutely bigger than squirrels. There are seldom encounters with squirrels and raccoons in Japan. I really like the nature in Oregon!!
The nature has a lot of power. It can heal you, refresh you, etc. We can sometimes reset ourselves and create something through them. It is good cycle!
There are many activities that are organized by students. They try to do as many things as they can. I am really impressed by them.
I always try to find a reason to do or have something. It is not easy to find those reasons sometimes or it might take a long time to do so. I was in the US when the horrible earthquake happened in Japan. I hope there will never be another experience like this earthquake in Japan. I checked the news in the US about the earthquake’s damage of Japan. That time was very hard for me even though I was not in the location of the earthquake. I felt many different sorrows from my family and friends in Japan. I think that you can’t compare which feelings are heavier. I realized that I was not with my family, and this was hard. At the same time, I got many messages from teachers, staff in WU and my friends.
They helped me a lot. And JSSL (Japan Studies Student Leaders) had Bake Sale that was for Japan the week after the earthquake. I appreciated the time many people have taken to encourage and help Japan. I know that the students were very busy that week. There are strong feelings behind people’s actions. And for this reason, action can get people’s feelings moving. I might have already known this fact, but how the Willamette community came together to help Japan after the earthquake reaffirmed this fact.
This writing may not fit this issue. But this had never happened in my life and by coincidence or maybe not, I was in the US in that time.
I hope that someday I can find the reason that I was in US that day. It’s for this reason that I will try to take some action, as much as I can.
Finally, I would like to say to everyone “THANK YOU”.

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