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There is nothing good in a goodbye

It is always difficult to say goodbye, especially when you find amazing people. This has been undoubtedly one of the most enriching experiences in my professional and personal life.

I remember the first days, when with a bunch of international students, I got here, full of expectations. Some of them were personal such as meeting new people or places and some others were professional like improving my English and learning about the academic life in the United States. I can truly now say that those expectations and dreams are totally accomplished.
First of all, I have met great people that now I can call my friends, names like Amanda, Kelley, Daniel, Jose, April, Nadine and some others who have made a difference in my life. Everyone has a unique way of approaching life and it is so special to hear these guys and to share ideas, thoughts and words.
Second, in this time, I was involved in some cultural activities that gave me some kind of knowledge about the American Culture, celebrations such as: Thanksgiving or Christmas accompanied by American families. It was so rewarding to learn about these traditions and what the people’s beliefs are.
Third, living on campus and sharing with students was valuable for understanding academic life and to comprehend what students think about the university.
I think it is impossible not to feel sad when you are about to leave; there are so many memories and good times that you don’t want to leave behind, however the show must go on and new people will come and more stories will be told. I just want to say thank you to the LLC group, you were so amazing and helpful, and I will always remember Willamette and the people I fortunately met here.

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