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Archive for September 26th, 2011

Welcome back! »

Hello WWN readers! The Willamette World News is an online publication written exclusively by international students studying and working here on campus. Each issue centers around a specific theme to bring worldwide perspective. Check out the Willamette “Highlights” article written about the WWN! http://willamette.edu/news/library/2010/11/willamette_world_news.html All of us here at the LLC are really excited to […]

Hello from Japan »

Please check my hometown on the map in below.

As you might know, this place has very hard time now because of TSUNAMI. But we all know the people around the world could help and encourage us a lot. So we are doing our best so that it become to retrieve as early as we can. I am also doing my best here!!

Hola Willamette! »

Hi Willamette! My name is Catalina Vélez and I happen to be one of the two Spanish language assistants for this year. You should know this is my first time living abroad, and it is challenging but also exciting. I come from Medellín, and I started to teach English after getting my BA in translation […]

Hola Willamette! Boas tardes! »

My name is Alba de Béjar and I’m one of the the two Language Assistants of Spanish at Willamette this year. I’m at Willamette thanks to the Fulbright FLTA program that, every year, sponsors teaching assistants from different countries all over the world to come and share their culture and experiences with students in the […]

Bonjour ! »

Hi everyone ! My name is Fabien, and I am from the city of Lyon, which is the third largest city in France after Paris and Marseille. Incidentally, Lyon is also between Paris and Marseille on the map of France.

Halløjsa! »

Halløjsa! I’m Rosa from Denmark –the little country with the big ego! My home university (Aalborg University) has an exchange program with Willamette University, which I am extremely thankful for, because without it, studying abroad would never have been possible for me. This Semester here at Willamette is something I have worked hard at to […]

Hallo zusammen! »

My name is Ilka Birke and I am the German language assistant at Willamette University this year. I come from Münster which is located in the North-West of Germany. It is close to the Dutch border and to the Ruhr region which is an urban area including cities as Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Essen. Münster is […]

‘Life is Good’ is my motto »

So, my name is Baptiste, and it is said Batist (Bah-tist), but you can say it the way you want. I was born in Bayonne in the South West of France, and I grew up in that same region, in the Bordeaux country-side. When I was 14, I moved to the city, and even though it was very hard for me at the time to leave the country-side and my home and all I knew, it is also part of the things that started my wandering around the planet. I am a traveler and an adventurer. I traveled within France with my parents a lot, and twice outside of the country (Greece and Tunisia). I mostly traveled by myself, though, starting with England at the age of 14.

你好,崴涞! »

Ni hao, Willamette!!! My name’s Zhang Qian and I’m from China, the beautiful country with a very long history. I’m so glad to be here at Willamette University as a Chinese teaching assistant and to show the attractive and amazing Chinese culture to all of you guys! As you know, China is a big country […]