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Ni hao, Willamette!!!

My name’s Zhang Qian and I’m from China, the beautiful country with a very long history. I’m so glad to be here at Willamette University as a Chinese teaching assistant and to show the attractive and amazing Chinese culture to all of you guys!

As you know, China is a big country with an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. People in different parts of the country have different accents, habits, food, religion, and even clothes. So this time, I would like to say something about my hometown: Jinan.

Jinan, located in the east of mainland China, is the capital city of Shandong which is also the hometown of Confucius. People who lived in Jinan are all proud of the springs.

The spring water is the soul of Jinan. If one day in the morning you are in Jinan and find lots of residents walking on the road with big kettles or buckets in their hands, don’t feel strange about that. They are just on their way to get some water from a spring which maybe is close to their houses. The pure spring water is perfect for making tea or just drinks directly, trust me, you’ll never forget that cool, sweet taste.

I would like to show more parts of beautiful Jinan in the future and I hope you’ll fall in love with my city. Meanwhile, welcome to my hometown Jinan and a different kind of culture. Check out this video!

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